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The Game of Drones® Action Sports Airframe is a unique, rugged and durable monocoque design built from the ground up to resist fire, water and extreme impacts.


Game of Drones

Home of the Game of Drones® Hiro Action Sports Airframe. The last airframe you'll ever need." 


put the power of Hiro in your own hands. 

Developed using the Game of Drones® Action Sports Airframe, the Game of Drones® Action Sports DIY Kit comes complete with a frame, all parts, and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to build your own bind-and-fly Hiro. 

We've built the Game of Drones® Action Sports DIY Kit to be easy to assemble for the first-time builder while still providing convenience, expandability, and customization options for experts. With high-quality and durable components like RCManchild motors and ESCs and KK 2.0 HC flight board, the Game of Drones® Action Sports DIY Kit will help you build your own drone that can grow with you, no matter what direction you go. 


As Seen In:

As Seen In:

Game of Drones introduces UAV's for the masses with a new brand of extreme sports,  the Aerial Sports League.  We educate and demystify drones while sharing design & engineering tips through fun, family-friendly competitions and activities

Own the revolution leader!  Build your competition grade action sports drone with the indestructible Hiro. Game of Drones is the brand name for top quality airframes that simply do not break! Order yours now!


Game of Drones is the proud sponsor of the Arial Sports League